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Blood Type B

March 19, 2016

Characteristics of Blood Type B Very Good Immunity, Resistance to chronic disease, the possibility of adaptation to various conditions...

Health Tips

March 14, 2016

SKIN : All the mixtures apply for 20-30 minutes & then wash. Oily Skin: 2 tbsp. aloe vera gel + 1 tsp. turmeric. Glowing Skin: 2 tbsp...


March 09, 2016

Raw onion juice can help make your skin healthy & glowing. It can reduce dark spots & pigmentation of your skin as well as treat acn...


March 08, 2016

Game is the given to certain wild birds and animals that are eaten; there are two kind of game: feathered furred Food Value As it is l...


March 06, 2016

PILAU RECIPE INGREDIENTS ■Spices 1. Pilau Masala 2.Cumin powder/Seed 3. Turmeric 4.Curry powder 5.Garlic (2 fresh garlic) 6.Ginger (...

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