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One-Pot Yogurt Garlic Chicken and Rice

Yogurt Garlic Chicken and Rice
Nothing beats one-pot meals when it comes to making a super easy dinner with almost no cleanup

Awaken your taste buds with some amazing flavors & aromas! This delicious chicken rice recipe is inspired by our all-time favorite Biryani dishes.

The chicken and rice recipe


➭Basmati Rice (80% cooked)
➭Full chicken
➭1 cup yogurt
➭¹/₂ cup tomatoes
➭1 tbsp ginger garlic paste
➭1 tsp chili powder
➭¹/₂ tsp turmeric powder
➭1 cup fried onions
➭2 tbsp oil
➭Black peppercorns
➭Bay leaf
➭2 potatoes
➭1 tsp cumin seeds
➭Boiled eggs

How to Prepare a delicious chicken and fried rice

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