It is worthwhile having all the regular checks. Of course if something seems to be going wrong, don’t hesitate to ask for advice promptly.

The unborn child depends for his food supply on mother. For this reason mothers needs a good, balanced diet. Here again the clinic will advise if you are uncertain. Appetite may be a little capricious in pregnancy. Some mums put on a lot of weight that is not directly related to the pregnancy. That extra poundage is hard to shed.

There are laws against selling cigarettes and alcohol to children. There are no laws against supplying cigarette by-products and alcohol to the fetus. There are grimmer penalties. Smoking mums are much more likely than non-smokers to produce under-weight and premature babies. Cigarette poisons and alcohol reach the fetal bloodstream. Father should give his tobacco as well for the period of pregnancy, so that the air is clean around mother. After nine months away from tobacco both parents will probably decide to quit ever, saving money and enjoying clean air.

Mother-to-be should avoid drugs as far as possible. While a thalidomide repeat is unlikely, the fewer pills the better, even if it does mean putting up with morning sickness.

Attitude of mind.

Our emotions are associated with chemical changes in the body. Fear is the most obvious example. The whole body tenses for fight or flight. Depression may have some chemical triggers, but depression in its turn reacts on the body chemistry. The mother’s bloodstream affects the chemical balance of the fetal bloodstream. The unborn child is being conditioned.
The fetus reacts to sounds. Loud harsh noises disturbs; soothing sounds are restful. Your baby temperament is being prepared, even in utero.

Budgeting for baby

Your shopping list for baby can be divided into three categories;
  • Necessities (for example, nappies)
  • Very desirable but not essential items.
  • Comparative luxurious.
  • Shop around for prices and talk to new parents. Generally speaking convenience costs money. Disposable nappies work out dearer that toweling. Convenience foods for baby cost more than home prepared. Each family has to weigh time against money.

Happy family
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