Health and safety requirements of the storage areas

Health and safety tip
To comply with the regulations it is essential to observe the following good practice requirements, not only because of the legal requirement but for the benefit of all who use the storage areas of the premises.

Outlined below are some of the health and safety requirements of the storage areas

  • Receive areas must be clean and free from litter.
  • Waste bins, empty return boxes, and so on, should be kept tidy and safe.
  • Waste bin (rubbish and swill) must be kept with lids on emptied frequently and kept clean.
  • All storage areas must be kept clean and tidy.
  • Trolleys and stacking shelves should be suitable for heavy items.
  • Trolleys should not be overloaded; accidents can occur due to careless loading, such as heavy items on top of light ones.
  • Lifting of heavy items should be done in a manner to prevent injury.
  • Cleaning equipment and materials must be available and kept separate from food items.
  • All items should be stored safely, shelves not overloaded, heavier items lower than lighter items, with suitable steps to reach higher items.
  • Stores should have a wash hand basin, towel, and soap and nail brush.
  • Unauthorized persons should not have access to the stores or areas where goods are delivered.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected; accidents can occur due to: delivery vehicles and trolley movement; breakages of containers, glass jars, etc.: undue waste left by delivery or storekeeping staff.
  • Know where the first aid box is.
  • Know the procedure to follow in the event of an accident.

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