Fluffy American Pancakes Recipe

I love American pancakes with the syrup alone, but if you do want bacon, I think streaky is best. You can easily cook these American pancakes. Here is the step by step procedure...

Collect your ingredients...these are basic in most homes

Blue-band (margarine) 

Steps of preparation

All dry ingredients together. If you love cinnamon add at this point you could sieve flour twice or thrice to incorporate air 

Rub in some margarine into flour. Add egg...could beat it separately then add. Mix everything together 

Add milk or water...little until you easily fold or can mix mixture 

Mix until batter is smooth 

Remove all lumps through fast clockwise or anticlockwise strokes. 

Mix to your preferred consistency... I wanted thick just to try something new adventure!!! 

Ready to start cooking. 

If you doubt that it's not properly cooked try this and tell...The inside of pancakes are well air spaced and cooked...fluffy and soft too...

Serve with warm maple syrup or honey... TRY IT... ENJOY IT... SHARE IT...

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