Avocado Banana Shake Recipe

Avocado Banana Shake

Avocado is a magical food no matter how you slice it, and that includes as a smoothie ingredient. Basically, it adds amazing creamy texture without interfering with stronger flavors.

Avocado-Banana Shake Recipe


➧4 Bananas
➧1 Avocado
➧2 Cups Iced Milk
➧Sugar (Optional)
➧½ Cup Water


⏩Scoop out entire contents of avocado using a spoon; put in the blender.
⏩Add bananas, milk, sugar, and water.
⏩Blend until mixture is smooth.

Note: If you slice and freeze the banana first, you will have a colder and thicker shake. I prefer mine less cold, but I believe I am in the minority on that.
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