Having healthy breasts is very important for women's health. According to statistics, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among female cancer types, and the proportion of breast cancer among newly diagnosed cancers in American women in 2019 30% of women with a history of breast cancer in the United States exceed 3.1 million.

Studies have found that Asian women have a lower risk of breast cancer than Western countries. Science shows that breast massage actually helps protect breast health and reduce the risk of breast cancer. Massaging the breast can also make the breast plump and relieve pain.

Benefits of breast massage

1. Help discover breast abnormalities

Frequent breast massages will familiarize you with the shape and feel of your breasts, and help you to check your breast health. These self-examinations can help you find abnormalities such as breast swelling or pain as soon as possible.

Once you find abnormal breasts, you need to go to the hospital for breast X Light or other tests are used to detect breast health and help to detect breast disease and prevent breast cancer from worsening due to untreated breast disease. Self-testing is an effective method for American women to detect breast cancer as early as possible. 25% of women find breast cancer through self-examination. The sooner they receive breast cancer treatment, the greater the chance of cure.

2. Increase lymphatic drainage

Breast massage can promote blood circulation in the breast, bring fresh blood rich in oxygen and nutrients, and help expel toxins and harmful substances that cause cancer, ensuring breast health. The accumulation of harmful waste and toxins in the lymph can hinder the flow of lymph tissue and interfere with breast health.

Massaging multiple lymph nodes on the lymph tissue can help stimulate the flow of the lymphatic system and help drain the lymph waste to avoid the accumulation of waste fluid. Good lymphatic drainage can reduce lymphedema. Studies show that more than 20% of breast cancer patients will have lymphedema

3. Improve breast shape

In daily life, women who wear improper bras or sports for a long time are prone to squeeze breast tissue or cause breast butterfly movements to cause breast ligaments to be pulled and hurt breast ligaments. Women with sagging breasts can increase breast blood circulation by massaging their breasts and promote the growth of breast healthy cells to maintain and improve breast shape. Massage can also help strengthen the muscles of the chest and increase the elasticity of the breast ligaments to improve breast sagging and keep the breasts firm.

4. Enlarge your breasts

The breast is distributed with complex breast tissues, and these breast tissues secrete prolactin when stimulated, making the breasts appear slightly enlarged visually, but in fact, the only massage does not significantly increase the breasts (of course, remove breastfeeding situation). When we massage the breasts, we need to apply massage oil to be able to touch the breasts with a gentle and comfortable force, so as to avoid excessive pressure and hurt the breasts.

Therefore, women who wish to enlarge their breasts through massage can use breast enhancement oils and gentle massage methods to allow the active ingredients to enter the breasts to help increase the number of breast cells.

5. Relax back muscles

Because the breasts do not have bones to help support them, they actually rely on the strength of the back and spine to support the breasts. Women with larger breasts have more pressure on their backs and are more likely to cause muscles in the back.

Big female friends, you will find that women with big breasts tend to be prone to back pain and fatigue. Massage the breasts, underarms, and chest area to help relax the tense muscles and ligaments in the breast area and reduce breast pain, while massage can help release back pressure and relieve back pain and fatigue.

How to massage breasts

If you don't mind strangers touching your breasts, you can choose a masseur to massage them, of course, you can also perform breast massage yourself, so you can better sense the condition of your breasts. Regular breast massage will benefit you. Here are some tips on breast massage to help you massage your breasts.

Method #1

Oil or cream: Choose natural plant-based massage oils or creams. Plant-based massage products have a better effect on breast massage.

Rub the hands: Drop the massage oil on the palms, and rub the palms of the hands against each other, making the hands warm and soft. Stiff hands and cold can irritate the breast skin and hurt the breast.

Massage: Cover your breasts lightly with your hands and relax your fingers slightly. Massage your breasts in a circular motion with your right hand clockwise and your left hand counterclockwise. Each massage lasts 3-5 minutes to ensure that the breast massage is hot, but the strength must ensure that the breast is comfortable. If you feel breast pain, reduce the strength of the massage. During the massage, care should be taken to avoid touching the nipples and induce nipple inflammation.

Method #2

Applying: It is also necessary to apply massage oil to the breasts and armpits, and then rub the hands with heat.

Massage: Lift your left arm, then place your right hand under the breast. Your fingertips should be under the armpits. Basically, hold your breasts with your right hand and squeeze the area with a lighter force. Go back to the circumference of the armpit and push the fluid from the breast to the axillary lymph. Massage this way for 5-10 minutes and then switch to the right breast. Perform it 3-5 times a week. If you feel comfortable, you can choose to do it every day.

Massage precautions

It should be noted that breast massage should be carried out with a comfortable intensity of the breast and each massage should not exceed 30 minutes to avoid over-massaging the breast tissue and hurt the breast. When massaging your breasts, take off your coat and bra to ensure that your breasts are in a comfortable state, and avoid getting massage oils on your clothes that are difficult to clean.

Don't wear the upper chest immediately after breast massage to ensure that the breast is in a relaxed state, so as not to hinder breast lymphatic activity. If you have abnormalities such as breast masses during a massage, stop the massage, and make an appointment with your doctor for a mammogram to rule out breast disease.
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