Care for insensitive feet

  • To wear protective footwear throughout the day to avoid injury.
  • To avoid too much walking because this is the most common cause of a sole wound in an insensitive foot. So, ride a bicycle when you can; send others in your place; if you must go, stop often, rest your feet, watch where you step.
  • To learn from any earlier wounds to his feet so that he does not make similar mistakes again.
  • To avoid heat. To sit with his feet protected, when he sits close to a fire.
  • To avoid sitting on his lower legs when he sits on the ground because this may cause pressure ulcers.

Daily foot inspection

  • To inspect insensitive parts of his feet and legs and also to look for signs of injury, dryness, cracks, and swellings. A small mirror is useful for inspecting the sole of his feet.
  • To feel for warm spots which may warn of injury, and to press for tenderness caused by infection in the deeper layers of the sole of the foot.

Care of dry feet.

  • To soak for 20 minutes twice daily in salty water, then to rub oil into the skin. This helps to keep the skin of his feet moist and prevents cracks.
  • To trim and to rub off any callus.
  • Care of wounds at home
  • To remove the cause, e.g. a nail or small stone in a shoe.
  • To soak the wound in soapy or salty water for 20 minutes, at least once a day, or more frequently when the wound is discharging. To remove dirt gently.
  • To cover the wound with a bandage. This can be made of old clean cloth.
  • To rest the foot.

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