Dealing with stress

Dealing with stress
All events in life precipitate a reaction. How people react or respond to situations differs. Coping is the attempt to manage or deal with stress. Coping is independent of outcome – it does not necessarily result in success.

Dealing successfully with stress may require using a variety of techniques. Because stress-related responses are based primarily on mental perceptions, coping strategies that achieve desirable results may need to originate in a change in attitude or outlook.

The following are guidelines for effectively dealing with potential harmful stress:

Schedule time effectively. Practice good time management techniques by using time wisely. This means taking out for yourself every day and scheduling work when you are usually at your peak ability.

Set priorities. Know what is important to you. Do not attempt to work on four or five projects simultaneously. Keep your effort focused on one or two major items.

Establish realistic goals. Goals must be achievable. Do not establish impossible expectations and then become frustrated when they are not accomplished as quickly as you would like. Write down long-range goals then establish checks for keeping yourself on track and monitoring progress. Short-term goals help you see how you are moving towards your goal and provide rewards as you advance towards success.

See yourself as achieving the goals. Visualize yourself as being successful. Go over in your mind what it will look and feel like to accomplish a goal.

Give yourself a break. Take time every day to exercise and relax.
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