Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is the ability to control stress and to express emotions appropriately and comfortably. It is the ability to recognize and accept feelings and not be defeated by setbacks and failures. Achieving emotional wellness allows you to experience life’s ups and downs with enthusiasm and grace and maintain satisfying relationship with others.

Many studies report on the connection between wellness and emotional health. Anger, for example, is a powerful emotion that has consistently been found to increase the risk of heart attacks. In a recent study involving men who had both coronary heart disease and high scores for anger and hostility, participants who participated in an eight-week anger management course were less angry and their blood pressure dropped significantly. The benefits were still apparent two months later. Participants in the control group whose anger score remained the same experienced an increase in blood pressure.

Many other health problems are rooted in emotional stressors. Health conditions ranging from hives to cancer may have as their origin a breakdown in the body’s immune system caused by the body’s response to emotional stressors. The stressors, by disrupting the body’s delicate balance of powerful hormones, may serve as the triggering mechanism for myriad health problems. The growing acceptance of stress-coping techniques, is evidence of the trend toward nonphysical strategies for preventing and treating many health problems.
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