Guidelines for Effective Condom Use

Effective Condom Use
The decision about whether to have sex is extremely important. Considerations include the possibility of contracting an STD, the potential for an unwanted pregnancy, and the psychological and emotional ramifications of intimate contact should the relationship end. Sex represents a psychological, physical, emotional, and financial commitment to another person. Don’t be reluctant to bring up the topic of safer sex. The ability to discuss important issues is a sign of personal and social maturity.

Condoms can be effective in protecting against STDs if used properly. 

Here are some guidelines for proper use:

➥Use one every time you have sexual intercourse or oral sex involving a penis.
➥Use only latex or polyurethane condoms.
➥When having vaginal or anal intercourse, make sure the condom has nonoxynol-9.
➥When the condom is on the penis, there should be about a half-inch of space left at the condom tip to hold the ejaculation.
➥Withdraw the penis soon after ejaculation. Hold the base of the condom firmly against the penis as it is withdrawn so the condom does not come off.
➥Use foam, spermicide, or a female condom in combination with a condom.
➥Check for possible breaks immediately after use of any condom.
➥Always use a water-based lubricant such as K-Y jelly. Vaseline or other oil-based lubricants can cause the condom to break down and become ineffective.
➥Never reuse a condom.
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