See how spirituality improves your physical health

Rawder Kidula
It’s all in your mind. Or is it in your body? Or both? The interconnections between mind and body are the bases for many types of alternative health practices. Spirituality is believing in a source of value that transcends the boundaries of the self but also nurtures the self. Mind-body medicine builds upon spirituality, encouraging methods for improving the body by altering the mind.

The following spiritual practices are some of the suggestions;

Prayer and mental healing. 

It involves communication with some form of higher power. A wide variety of healing techniques falls within this category. Examples are being physically touched by a religious healer or experiencing healing through personal prayer or attendance at church. Studies link regular church attendance with a reduced chance of dying from strokes or heart disease, lower blood pressure, lower suicide rates, and reduced depression.

Music therapy

Puts to good use the power of music on the psyche. Do you ever listen to music to make you feel better? So do a stroke, brain injury, cancer, anxiety, cerebral palsy, and burn patients.


A disciplined practice of altering mental and physiological processes previously thought to be outside an individual’s control. These alterations, performed on a regular basis, can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, treat arthritis, and increase the efficiency of the heart.
Meditation. Formerly, associated solely with religious practice, is a self-governed exercise for relaxation. Regular practice of meditation is recommended for reducing blood pressure and anxiety and increasing the quality of life and longevity.

Support groups 

They give patients the consolation that others have endured similar health challenges and survived, instilling hope. 
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