Various Food Nutrients and Their Use in the Body

Only those substances containing nutrients are foods (alcohol is an energy provider but it also has the effects of a drug, so it is not listed under nutrients). Most foods contain several nutrients; a few foods (such as sugar) contain only one nutrients.

For the body to obtain the maximum benefit from food it is essential that everyone concerned with the buying, storage, cooking and serving of food, and the compiling of menus should have some knowledge of nutrition.  

ProteinMeat, fish, poultry, game, milk, Cheese, eggs, pulses, cerealsFor building and repairing body tissues; some heat and energy.
FatButter, margarine, cooking fat, oils, cheese, fat meat, oily fishProvide heat and energy.
CarbohydratesFlour, flour products and cereals, sugar, syrup, jam, honey, fruit, vegetablesProvides heat and energy.
Vitamin AOily fish, fish liver oil, dairy foods, carrots, tomatoes, greensHealth growth; resistance to disease.
Vitamin B1 - thiaminYeast, pulses, liver, whole grain, cereals, meat and yeast extractsHelps growth; strengthens nervous system.
Vitamin B2 - riboflavinYeast, liver, meat, meat extracts, wholegrain, cerealsHelps growth, and helps in the production of energy.
Nicotinic acid (niacin)Yeast, meat, liver, meat extracts, wholegrain, cerealsHelps growth.
Vitamin C – ascorbic acidFruits such as strawberries, citrus fruits, green vegetables, root vegetables, saladHelps growth, promotes health.
Vitamin D (sunshine vitamin)Fish liver oils, oily fish dairy foodsHelps growth; builds bones and teeth.
IronLean meat, offal, egg yolk, whole meal flour, green vegetables , fishBuilding up the blood.
Calcium (lime)Milk and milk products, bones of fish, whole meal breadBuilding bones and teeth, clotting the blood, the working of the muscles.
PhosphorusLiver and kidney, eggs, cheese, breadBuilding bones and teeth, regulating body processes.
Sodium (salt)Meat, eggs, fish, bacon, cheesePrevention of muscular cramp.
On any matter relating to your health or well-being, please check with an appropriate health professional.
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