Different Cooking Methods in the Wok

The wok is a versatile talent. Meat, fish and vegetables can be prepared in the most varying ways.

The classic of cooking is stir-frying. Depending on the required cooking time, the various ingredients are given into very little, extremely hot oil one at a time and are then tossed and stirred continually. Once an ingredient is cooked, it is pushed up towards the rim of the wok, and then the next ingredient is added to the Centre of the pan. This method ensures that every ingredient is cooked to perfection. Since cooking in the wok is very fast, the ingredients have to be ready to use: rinsed, trimmed and chopped.

When braising, the ingredients are gently fried in small amounts and then some liquid such as stock is added. Firmly cover the wok and leave the ingredients to simmer.

Meat, fish or vegetables can also be wrapped in rice leaves or coated with a batter, the so-called tempura, and then deep fat fried until they are golden brown. The wok is very suitable for deep fat frying because you will need much less fat than with the customary methods. In order to find out whether the oil has reached the ideal temperature, dip a wooden skewer into the oil, if you see small bubbles gather around the skewer, the oil is hot enough.

Steaming is a very gentle and healthy method of cooking with a long tradition in China. The ingredients are placed into special bamboo baskets which have been soaked in water beforehand and are then cooked in the covered wok, with very little liquid. It is important that the wok is firmly closed and that the cooking liquid does not touch the baskets. During the steaming process, you should check regularly to ensure that there is enough liquid in the wok.
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