Grill foods

Grill foods

Grill foods

Grilling is a health and versatile method of cooking. Thus the ingredients do not have to be expensive, because just about everything is suitable.

Minced meat – is the absolute favorite for barbecues. It is easy to prepare and cooks quickly. Minced meat is usually available in the shops as half beef and half pork.

Sausages – are also very popular. Brown and crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside and with a fantastic smoky taste. Remember that is how they are supposed to be, but this can only be achieved if you pierce them several times before grilling to avoid bursting.

Pork – has the right cut for grilling to suit every taste: belly, ribs, neck, knuckles or tail for people who like it crackly. Plus, the back, fillet, haunch, butt and shank; or, the offal’s like the liver, kidneys, and heart for the calorie-conscious gourmet. The meat should always be a little mottled because the fat parts melt away during frying and the good piece remains tender and juicy. Very lean meat can be surrounded with bacon or brushed with oil during cooking.

Beef – is extremely suitable for barbecuing. When buying it, take care to get well-hung cuts of meat. Contrary to pork, which should always be fresh, beef requires at least 14 days after slaughtering to mature. It is tender and mellow immediately after this period. The darker (almost shimmering violet) the meat is, the tenderer and more well-hung it is.

Veal – is tenderer and leaner than beef and only suitable for barbecuing in a limited fashion. As it dries out easily, it should be surrounded by bacon or be wrapped in aluminum foil. Especially recommended are joints, either whole or cut into slices, and marbled pieces like neck or breast, either filled or as a rolled roast. As veal requires a mild grill heat due to its consistency, it can be wonderfully prepared on the hot stone.

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