It is a natural response that allows the body to clear unwanted substances or irritants from the nose..
It is essential to the body because it helps to:
  • Helps to remove irritants
  • Helps to remove bacteria
  • Clear the respiratory tract

It is advisable not to suppress it, because the suppression cause a massive buildup of pressure in the head. This can cause;
  •  Bursting of the eardrum
  • Tearing of the blood vessels and muscles in the head
  • Damage the sinuses (it is a cavity within a bone)
  • Injury to diaphragm
  • Break blood vessels of the eye
  • Hemorrhage in the brain in some cases
  • Rare cases due to force it can blow out the eyes from the socket.
Don't suppress next time you feel like sneezing, the only precaution always use your handkerchief not to shower it on people.
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