Basic first aid skills

Emergency Response in live accident scene
Emergency Response in live accident scene

Shocking new statistics indicate that majority of parents lack basic first aid skills that could save their children.

We all hear of children dying due to falls, chocking on food, drowning and many other causes, yet we live in the hope that this devastating events do not happen within our own homes.

In this website we aspires to bring awareness to all parents, siblings, home workers, neighbors and generally everyone on the basic first aid skills and tips that could save a child's life.

This has been inspired by the recent death of a neighbor's infant due to chocking from food.
I hope that the knowledge shared here shall preserve an innocent life and drastically reduce preventable loss of lives among our loved ones.

Click here to read and learn how to administer first aid at home to save life in case of an accident.
Please share skills on this website and invite your friends to join.
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