Diabetes diet

Diabetic patient should eat small frequent meals. And have balanced diet. They should make understand that cutting down only sugar will not help them as whatever carbs we take , ultimately it converts into sugar. so one must make them understand the importance of low carb diet to have a good control of diabetes.

They should be given a good combination of protein & carbohydrates as carbohydrates have direct effect on blood sugar levels.

Carbohydrates gives us energy. Vegetarian diet consist of 50-60 % of carbs. All cereals, pulses , vegetables & fruits have good amount of carbs.

Diabetic diet for Indians should have 60:20:20 for carbs, fats & proteins. Diet should include at least 2 seasonal fruits & 3 fresh vegetables.

Whole grains, oats, channa atta, millets & fiber rich foods to be included in the diet.

A person with diabetes should follow a low-cab diet which is high in fiber with adequate amount of proteins, vitamins & minerals & avoid fatty foods & should take small frequent meals with healthy breakfast.

1) Nuts: Almonds contain the lowest amount of total fat among all types of nuts . Walnuts contain omega-3 fatty acids, which are protective against heart disease. Try to avoid salted varieties. All nuts are fairly high in calories, so keep your portions to a small handful. Intake of soaked almonds have shown to improve blood sugar level (consult dietitian for the portion)
2) Dark green leafy vegetables: As rich in iron & folic acid & low in calories & carbohydrates , good for diabetic. Add lemon, tomato for vitamin C, as without Vitamin C, the iron won,t get absorbed.
3) Oranges: Are excellent sources of Vitamin C. An orange provides 15 gms of carbs & 75% of daily recommended dose of Vitamin C. Always eat the whole fruit than juicing it, for more satity & gradual rise in blood sugar.
4) Tomatoes: Are Low in carbs & great source of Vitamin C.
5) Sweet potatoes: Are rich in fiber& Vitamin A . Use them instead of normal potatoes.
6) Beans: Excellent source of fiber & fat free protein & contain about 15 gms of carb in one serving.
7) Milk: it is the right combination of carbs & protein.

Mrs. Rekha Champaneria: Dietitian & Diabetic Educator Contact: 8976842398/9930512794
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