Exercise Healthy Tips

  • Exercise is important, not just for weight loss but for the healthy running of your body. Lying down after a meal tends to turn off or reduce the rate of digestion. Walking or light-exercise after meals keep the blood circulating and organs active. Do something every day to get your body moving. 
  • This can be as simple as walking an extra block on your way to work, getting up and walking around the living room or going outside to play with your kids on the weekend. Start off small and incorporate this exercise into your daily life.
  • As you exercise and start to perspire, you will improve circulation to the skin, which brings nutrients to the skin and removes cellular waste from the body.
  • Deep breathing is an excellent stress management technique. A simple breathing technique to reduce stress and bring you into the present moment is to breathe in deeply to the count of 6, hold your breath for a moment and listen to the sounds in your environment, then exhale to the count of 6.
  • Slow, deep breathing brings air to the lowest part of the lungs and exercises the diaphragm. Deep breathing relaxes the mind and body, massages the internal organs, calms emotions and promotes restful sleep.
  • Did you know you have two to three million sweat glands on your skin? Through perspiration, your body is able to eliminate toxins. Sweating is a sign of being healthy.
  • To ensure a good night's rest, it is best to sleep in a completely dark room. Even a small amount of light will interfere with the body's circadian rhythm and the pineal gland's production of melatonin and serotonin.
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