Facts and test to know about pure ghee

Do you remember how much our Grandparents insisted on to use Desi Ghee for cooking & no doubt they lived longer & more healthier than us.
pure ghee

GHEE is a clarified butter from milk is taken through a process of curdling & heating or clarifying. Clarifying helps to remove Moisture, Sugars & Proteins ,which are present in butter. You need not refrigerate it like BUTTER, as it doesn't contain trace of milk & water.


1) Ghee is a rich source of MCT ( medium chain triglycerides ) which is necessary to boost our metabolism as it has the property of excess calorie burning, improves digestion , increases fat oxidation & does not get stored as fat like. And BUTTER is loaded with 50% trans fat which is unhealthy fat.
2) GHEE is the best cartilage & joint lubricator.
3) Gives relief in constipation.
4) Gives that supple texture to the skin.
5) Our Brain is the fattest organ in the body ( 60 % is made from omega 3 fat. ) So include Ghee in your food to make your brain cells work in a healthier way.
6) Rich in Fat - Soluble Vitamins - A , D, E, K.
7) Helps in cleansing colon, thus helps in digestion.
8) High smoke point, thus easy to digest.
9) Enhance & improve eyesight.
NOTE: GHEE IS A KIND OF FAT. ONE MUST NOT TAKE MORE THAN 2-3 teaspoon ( 15 gm). 1 teaspoon = 5 gm fat= 45 calories ( 1 gm fat gives you 9 calories ) so 3 teaspoon = 45 * 3 = 135 calories which is almost 20 % of the total daily calories count that should come from fat. Now onwards enjoy your food with ghee. add it to your roti, paratha, thepla, rice, khichdi, dal etc.


SIMPLE TEST - Melt your ghee & add 1 teaspoon of Hydrochloric acid & a pinch of salt. Shake the container ( careful as it contains acid )for a minute. Let it stand for one more minute. If it is adult-rated with vegetable oil, you will see red layer of vegetable oil at the bottom. No red color means ghee is PURE.

SOURCE: Mrs. Rekha Champaneria: Diatician & Diabetic Educator.
On any matter relating to your health or well-being, please check with an appropriate health professional.
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