Good Health Tips

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables contain antioxidants which are an essential component to your body's defense against free radicals. Free radicals are molecules in the body that can damage healthy cells.If you have one or two servings of fruit or vegetables with every meal and snack on vegetables in between meals, you will easily get in the recommended amount of fruit and vegetables per day.
  • Staying well hydrated offers many health benefits. You are more likely to have smoother skin, regular bowel movements, have increased resistance to infections because of the moisturizing effect on the mucous lining of the respiratory tract and lower the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract infections. A great way to increase your water consumption without drinking more water is to eat more salads, vegetable and fruits. They all contain a high percentage of water and essential nutrients.
  • Proper nutrition is one of the key components to creating a more shapely body. The foods we put in our body will account for up to 80% of our physique. Children learn best by example instead of lecturing to them about healthy eating. As parents improve their diet and focus on physical activity, it will be easier to influence their children to live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Researchers have found that people who eat breakfast think better and faster, remember more and react quicker, and are mentally more alert than people who skip breakfast.
  • Exercise is a key to a healthy lifestyle. If you find it difficult to schedule dedicated time each day to exercise, find creative ways daily to incorporate it into your lifestyle. Some ideas are: actively play with your children, break up an exercise routine into 10-minute segments throughout your day and get up and move every hour while at work.
  • Working out in water, such as swimming, water aerobics or water boxing has multiple benefits. Water gives you resistance on all sides of your body without the stress and impact of working out on land
On any matter relating to your health or well-being, please check with an appropriate health professional.
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