Healthy Motherhood: Keep it simple!


For those of you Moms whose babies are going through a growth spurt; For those of you Moms whose babies cluster feed; For those of you who wonder how much milk does your baby need; For those of you who are looking at time/clock/schedules; For those of you who wonder, or are told that if you keep offering to breastfeed on demand, you may end up spoiling your baby - here's some beautiful advice - Keep it simple. Baby Knows. Body knows. It is easier to go with the flow, literally.

Skin-to-skin with the baby. Relaxing with the baby. Enjoying some cuddle time with baby without other people watching you. Breathing in scents of the baby. Breastfeeding your baby. Soothing baby. So much Oxytocin, So much love

"Now we have more evidence that skin-to-skin contact can also decrease the parental stress that can interfere with bonding, health and emotional wellness, and the interpersonal relations of parents, as well as breastfeeding rates."

"Unless there are medical reasons to prevent it, the prevailing belief is that the vast majority of babies should be able to be placed skin-to-skin with the mother, even after a cesarean section." The longer you breastfeed your baby, the longer and better the lifelong benefits.. and, yes - You will always have enough milk for your baby!

In case you have issues with lactation, or you have been told you do not have enough milk, do find a good lactation consultant! At Healthy Mother, we strongly believe in the power of three - Lactation Consultation, Follow-up Counseling, and Peer Support. With these 3 things, we have a 100% breastfeeding rate, including mothers of twins who breastfeed successfully!
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