Manipulative Therapy Reduces Headache Frequency.

For patients with chronic tension-type or cervicogenic headaches, spinal manipulation combined with neck-specific exercises can significantly reduce the frequency of such headaches.

A small study including 34 participants found 71% of those prescribed a combination of spinal manipulation and neck-specific exercise experienced a >40% reduction in headache frequency after just four weeks of treatment.

The findings of this study showed that treatment with manual therapy showed efficacy in most aspects of pain perception in TTH; however, manipulation and combined treatment were more beneficial. Treatment with manual therapy was better at improving cervical flexion, extension, and rotation, while manipulative treatment was better at improving extension, left lateral flexion, and rotation. The frequency of headache episodes decreased with the treatments including manipulation, maintaining this improvement at follow-up with the combined treatment. The manipulative treatment on its own or combined with manual therapy was more efficacious for reducing pain intensity.
The finding adds to past research supporting the use of chiropractic care in the management of headaches.

Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics, November 2015
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