Married woman
Marriage has lost its true meaning to most people in society. It has become more for show (with really nothing to show behind the curtains), What happened to the days when it was solely for love, and commitment, and standing up for this one person beside you?

People are walking away when financial troubles hit, when a partner can't have kids, when they think there partner doesn't look good anymore...and let me not even get to the INFIDELITY!!! It has become just too normal, even within the churches.

Every-time a married man chases after me i lose my faith in the institution of marriage. Women are making it seem like MARRIAGE JUST HAS TO BE A STRUGGLE!

I suggest you all go back to your marriage vows, put the word EXCITEMENT back into your union, and be the kind of examples you are meant to be.

That said..., Never keep asking someone when they are getting married if you are not giving them something to look up to.

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