Merry X-mas and Healthy New Year

Merry X-mas and Happy New Year

Finally, the Lord has showered you with blessings, love, joy, and peace. Now in this Merry Christmas and New Year, we must give what God has given us. We must help those who have no one to help them. We have unmerited favor because we are children of God. It is your future and divine privilege to bring forward the fruit of your life in order to help others.

Without Jesus, we have nothing. God works through people. Before this New Year, I would like to encourage you to ask God how you can help. Within your sacrifice lies the peace and the blessing of God. Within your kindness lies the very heart of Jesus. God's love never returns void!

Your life has been given to you for a purpose. Use what you have to create love for others. Use what you have to encourage, to love and to bring happiness to others. God will never ask you to give what you don't have. We can sacrifice time, prayer, love or just an encouraging word. This life is yours to give. I ask you to try giving and see the changes it brings to your life.

The holidays can be stressful under the best of circumstances. My goal every year is to enjoy them for what they are rather than imagining what they should be. And when all else fails, remember that in just a few weeks, the holidays will be over and you'll get a fresh start with a new year!!

Merry X-mas and Healthy New Year
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