New Year is Here: Put It Behind You.

New Year

It's not about what others say about you that will stop you from reaching your goals but it's what you tell yourself. You have the final say. You are responsible for your life. You are responsible for your success and for your defeats.

Today is already here. If you continue with the same negative mindset tomorrow, you will never get better. You have to leave the problems and troubles of today, tonight. When the clock strikes 00:00, on new year ask God for the renewal of your mind. Start the day with a fresh, new mindset.

Like Paul says, "... leaving the past behind me and reaching to what lies before me..."
When David lost his first child with Uriah's wife, he stepped forward. He renewed his mind. He left the struggle, the pain, the fasting and dirt behind him. He accepted his defeat but he did not give up on having another child with her.

You might have sinned before God and you are feeling guilty. The Bible tells us about God's grace and unconditional love. Although we sin and fall short before the His glory, He is willing to forgive us and help us reach our destiny. Don't let Satan fool you and take away your inheritance.

Put the past (yesterday) behind you and have greater faith for the coming year. You can chose to rise above the storm or to sink in the deep ocean. Remember it's not what they say, it's all about what you say. You can be your greatest enemy or supporter. Your decision.
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