Reason which may necessitate an emergency c-section

Pregnant woman on labor
Every pregnant woman hopes for a short labor and delivery with no complications. But it doesn't always work out that way. Emergency c-section may be required at times even when the delivery plan was a normal delivery.

About 30% of all babies are delivered via cesarean section (C-section). Emergency C-sections are performed when complications arise with the mother and/or baby during pregnancy or labor.

The reason which may necessitate an emergency c-section include:

  • Labor stops or isn't progressing as it should (and medications aren't helping)
  • The placenta separates from the uterine wall too soon (called placental abruption)
  • The umbilical cord becomes pinched (which could affect the baby's oxygen supply) or enters the birth canal before the baby (called umbilical cord prolapse)
  • The baby is in fetal distress — certain changes in the baby's heart rate may mean that the baby is not getting enough oxygen
  • The baby's head or entire body is too big to fit through the birth canal

It's important that all pregnant women expecting normal birth to understand that there is a possibility of an emergency c-section when a complication arises. Some of the complications which may make normal birth impossible or may endanger the life of the baby and mother.
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