Solutions to post marriage weight gain

Post marriage weight gain

Before marriage, girls tend to take a lot of care for themselves, even mothers tend to push their daughters a lot when it comes to taking care of their body, skin, hair etc. First, we are busy running around for love (We are thinner then and yet we diet too at times), then comes marriage (We get determined we would be busy being married, handling new responsibilities, adjusting into a new lifestyle, and lesser attention to your own self), then comes…20 extra pounds on your hips and stomach!

Why it happens?

As a health and fitness trainer and a married woman, I have come across and experienced myself some reasons and change the perceptions of women post-marriage that lead to their weight gain.

Eating Husband’s Meal Size 

Men and Women have a different appetite. We, women, tend to copycat their guy’s eating, “we share everything — even diet habits.” Most of the quality time after marriage revolves around food either we go out to eat or we express love by cooking together or just cooking the entire day to please the family.

Solution; Choose your food preference first at a restaurant and while serving food serve yourself last at home. Keep saying “I just had a meal before I came here so I would prefer to eat less.”

Couching Couples 

All we do as a couple is to watch movies together at home or movie theater or playing cards at home. Rest of the quality time revolves around your bed and couch. It’s 100% fun to spend half of Sunday between the sheets or Friday nights watching a movie at home with your husband or kids. Doing so we chub up for the obvious reason that you’re not burning calories. We either eat popcorns and cold drink late at night or we end up eating calories after sex. Both ways our life revolves around eating. Worst case is munching even when we are not hungry.

Solution; Or just as a friend about nearby couple camping activities or join dance classes together or just join fitness center together or learn Tai Chi / martial arts together (that’s Hot!). Just getting your butt off the couch will motivate you to be less lazy and remind you what a good time you have together actually doing stuff.

Feeling Too Cozy 

I am happy in life, I got the guy I wanted, I have money, I have a cozy home and I have everything I want in life. So now let the looks go in the dustbin. Be honest, you may feel: I have the guy now! You’re just not feeling the same urgency to impress him with yourself so it’s ok if we don’t work out and so you may quit stepping on the scale as it doesn't matter even if you put on a few kilos and my husband will love as bigger boobs and bigger butts are always appealing to him.

Solution; SET ALARM FRIENDS! Ask your girlfriends to be blunt on your face and tell you “you are growing fat”. Ask them to check your food habits and help you in being regular to gym, yoga, swimming or dance classes. Make friends with fitness enthusiasts.

I have to please everyone 

I have to keep my in-laws happy, I have to keep my husband happy and I have to run my timetable as per their priorities. A lot of us do this to show love to our family and dear ones. And when things go wrong we say I did so much for you and yet you didn't value me.

Solution; Start living your life. Think of your likes and dislikes. Join a hobby you want to pursue. Give time to yourself also. It’s good to take care of others but taking care of oneself is equally important.

Why I am saying this?

I have lived that phase where I had gained 10-kilograms after marriage and it took me a lot of effort to reduce those 10-kilograms.
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