Tips on how to teach a child to communicate

Mother and son

Hello parents! I remember when I was a small child I had a neighbor who was always insulting her children, for us fellow children it was entertaining. I thought such doesn't happen in this days until I met a parent in the market some hours ago busy screaming at the child in the most disrespectful way because he wanted chocolate. I know how frustrating it is trying to communicate your child when obviously you are not getting the message across.

Teach a child to communicate by doing the following;

Do not disrespect your child in any way, sometimes dealing with a child is a better system, an example you can tell him or her "do this and I'll do this for you" Or "instead of this I only have money for this, I'll get you chocolate next time."

Avoid ambiguity. Let your child be able to understand what you mean without thinking something else. Avoid using ambiguity statements, be clear and specific.

Let your NO be no or YES be yes. Do not easily change your mind just because your child has decided to throw a tantrum. Do not even be influenced by people near you because a child will start thinking that a NO can easily become YES if he wailed the loudest or threw himself on the ground or when there is someone around.

Do not be scared to punish bad behavior. Punishment does not mean insulting or beating. In fact, bearing a child is against the law, beware of that. If a child behaves badly to take away incentives such as watching his/her favorite cartoon or computer games. Communicate to the child why he/she is punished and how you want him/her to behave in future.

Reward positive behavior. Let the child know that their good behavior is going to always fetch some good results.

In terms of achievements; avoid comparing your child's academic or extracurricular activities achievement with another child. Each child should always be assessed within their capabilities. You can always push your child to become better but not to be like someone else.

Communicate your feelings to the child. Always be sure to voice out your disappointment, your feelings of being proud of your child and most importantly your love in everything you do!

Let the child know that whatever you do is out of love.

Happy parenting.
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