Use aloe vera for healthy skin

Aloe Moisturizing lotion help your skin survive the elements of weather, wind and pollution. With collagen and elastin to keep your skin smooth, elastic and naturally pH balanced.

It replenishes lost moisture and is excellent for the face, hands and body and is suitable for use as a foundation for makeup which can be applied directly on top. To the bathroom! The delicately floral,luxuriously thick, white lotion glides effortlessly onto the skin, instantly quenching dry and cracked cells to reveal a silky smooth and luscious surface that you can really feel your skin drinking up. With its glossy thick texture it isn’t wet or greasy, but soothing, protective and present.

Hours after applying the skin feels supple, protected and the moisture locked in. It doesn’t just sit on the surface or soak away before drying out the top layer of the skin like other moisturisers; it is very much present on all levels long after use. It is exquisitely soft, cooling, thick, rich, non-greasy, delicate, flawless, silky smooth and my skin feels protected and the moisture locked in without being tacky or greasy. Quality clearly shines through every time!
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