What is on the plate really matters!

What is on the plate really matters!
It could be breakfast, lunch or supper.


Most people believe missing breakfast or any other meal will help them lose weight. Hmmm not true..sorry. So those who wish to lose weight are advised not to skip breakfast. But to have an all protein breakfast with fresh fruit in season. A cup of tea or real coffee (not instant). Those maintaining can have one or two slices of brown bread to accompany. In fact some nutritionists say breakfast should be the heaviest meal of the day...not in quantity but in quality.


Lunch should be served in moderate portion of meat, carbs and a bigger share of cooked vegetables or raw ones. Now in terms of meat avoid red meat or have it only once a week...but white meat such as chicken fish etc. Can be on a daily basis! 


So what's on that supper plate? Hope its not a whole lot of nshima...because those are carbs you don't want to take to bed with you! Carbohydrates are our sources of energy... now excess are simply converted into fats and stored around important organs...so going with your tummy loaded with carbs to bed will simply induce waist line expansion. 

So supper should be a sizable protein and vegetables for those losing weight...those maintaining it can add a palm size amount of carbs.


Understand that beer contains maltose and other sugars which will be treated like any carbs by the body. However a good dry wine is compatible with a protein meal and aids digestion!

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