What to do and not do during the PERIOD

Woman on her periods

So your MENSTRUAL period has started...and you feeling different...probably still have PMS. 

Well here are things you can do to make it easier;

1. To reduce period pains eat a lot of fruits.
2. To make the endometrium to run out faster....increase your activity. Exercise by taking long walks or even jogging! Or simply cardio or aerobics in your bedroom.
3. Drink lots of water...this will make your flow lighter and less smelly. *Iron which is the main component of blood really smells*
4. Increase your intake of foods rich in iron. Chicken livers have the highest iron levels but you can also eat others.
6. Please don't sweets; if you still have depression from PMS this will make you feel suicidal.
7. Do not take PAINKILLERS unless prescribed by the doctor, some are not good to a woman who's menstruating.
8. Change pads at least twice a day...and always wear a fresh one before going to bed.
9. Exercise, eat right and you'll breeze through your period without anyone noticing.

It's not nice when all your workmates can tell that "its that time of the month" because of the way you behave. Let them not count the calendar for you. A happy period is possible ladies only if you decide to change your lifestyle!
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