11 Health Benefits of Onion

Health Benefits of Onion

1) Cough no more: Onion make for a highly effective cough syrup.
2) Too cool for a Fever: Put onion slice in the socks & do cold sponging or put a cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar.
3) Cold? Not for long: Onions are smelly, but good for cold. Boil an onion in water or eat raw onion.
4) Wonders for ear ache: Take the innermost part of the ear, known as the "heart ", Put it at the outer part of the ear. Onions have anti-inflammatory property, it will significantly reduce the pain & soften the wax in your ear. So do this at night & feel better in the morning.
5) Skin to skin: If you have a cut, big or small , peel some onion skin, clean the wound & seal it with the onion skin. It stops bleeding & helps in healing process.
6) Onions can help to reduce the appearance of surgical scars.
7) Onions are useful in killing the worms present in the belly of a person. It is one of the best antibiotic & enriched with disinfected qualities. 
8) Raw onions are very useful in lessening the discomforts, irritation & contractions inside the human body.
9) Blood Thinner: The chances of blood clotting are reduced when you take the onions on regular basis.
10) The loose motions can be cured with the help of eating onions in grounded form & helpful far constipation too in raw form.
11) In summer use onion to treat headache. Just grind the onions & put them on the lower side of feet for getting relief.
Source: Mrs. Rekha Champaneria: Dietician & Diabetic educator.
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