14 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Fried foods

Potato fries
  1. Most Fried Foods contains MSG (toxic salts) to enhance "dead Food" flavor.
  2. The Nutritional Value of fried food is poor. Proteins that are fried turn into ACROLEIN, a known Carcinogenic.
  3. Heating vegetable oil above 300 degrees Fahrenheit damages the oil, causing toxin formation in the foods.
  4. Fried Foods clog arteries & lead to a stroke.
  5. Eating fried foods can be a contributor to Alzheimer’s. Also, it leads to inflammation in the body which create problems with joints.
  6. Modified, Processed & Fried Foods don't break down in the body properly, remaining in the kidneys, liver, intestine, prostate & colon for an extended period of times as toxins.
  7. Fried foods breading soaks up nearly every drop of the oil, so eating fried chicken & pan pizza is like drinking OIL straight from the vat. This increases your BAD CHOLESTEROL.
  8. In restaurants, typically hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated vegetable oils are used - which is code for trans fat. Trans fat is a man-made fat that improves the shelf life of processed foods, but at the same time, raises your cholesterol & increases the risk of Heart disease & Stroke. Avoid Hydrogenated or Partially Hydrogenated oils.
  9. All fats & oils have SMOKE POINT- a temperature at which the chemical structure deteriorates & forms toxic compounds. This is when oils turn rancid & eating foods fried in rancid oil causes increased oxidative stress on your body, leading to things like glucose intolerance, protein malfunction, hypertension & high cholesterol.
  10. Most of the fried fast food contains calories. They are usually processed & have chemical additives. To increase the shelf life of the food, they are injected with chemical additives & are uncovered of nutrients. So, Fried Foods does no good for us & doesn't increase our lifespan.
  11. It is found that most of the fried meat in restaurants are polluted or infected with growth hormones. Growth Hormones are frequently used to increase the growth tempo of livestock. The people who ate fried meat are more vulnerable to certain cancer & infertility.
  12. When the oil is reused over & over again as it often is in fast food chains, the oil continues to break down every time it is heated, It is not only the OIL that undergoes a harmful change, the other nutrients also get altered by the heating process. e.g. Carbohydrates, which, when heated to very high temperatures, can actually release a certain type of Carcinogen. This is another reason to keep in mind that fast food chains are not the place to find Nutrition.
  13. Some Fried Foods are sterilized with Radiation or Artificial Chemicals. They generally use cheap sterilization methods. So unsafe for consumer's well-being.
  14. For comparative measures, a large grilled chicken breast has about 105 calories- the same chicken breast fried comes in at a whopping 323 calories.
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