6 products and ways to get rid stretchmarks and scars

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Treating from Inside

1) Aloe Vera Gel: Our skin has a replenishing period of 21-28 days within which new cells move from the bottom layer (hypodermis) to the top layer (epidermis) of the skin. Therefore, in order to have good healthy skin, it is important to provide these new cells with all the nutrients/building blocks they need from the inside.

Aloe Vera Gel contains a rich supply of these nutritional building blocks that will help you acquire healthy skin. The skin cells can utilize these nutrients to effectively fight against the daily effects of aging. Another benefit of drinking Aloe Vera Gel is that it dilates the capillaries in the skin tissue, which results in an improved supply of oxygen to the skin cells. An improved oxygen supply leads to the faster formation of collagen and elastin repair, hence increasing the strength, elasticity, and synthesis of skin tissue. Finally, Aloe Vera Gel's high water content is a great way to hydrate, moisturize and rejuvenate the skin from the inside. As a result, scars and the formation of keloids are reduced.

2) A-Beta-CarE: Forever A-Beta-CarE is an essential supplement with Vitamins A, E and the antioxidant mineral Selenium. The benefits of these 3 components have been well documented and a quick search on Google will reveal them. However, we are more interested in what they do for a skin damaged by stretch marks or scars.

Vitamins A and E, and Selenium are all powerful antioxidants, protecting the cell membranes and in a larger picture - the body tissues from the damaging effects of free radicals and aging effects. So think of these antioxidants as a bulletproof vest shielding you from bullets. They also repair and maintain healthy skin, preserving the texture of the skin.

In other words, A-Beta-CarE will help protect the new skin cells that are formed in the bottom layer of the skin, shielding them till and after they get to the epidermis.

3) Nature-Min: Nature-Min is a multi-mineral supplement that provides minerals and traces minerals in a perfectly balanced ratio - essential for them to work effectively. 4% of our body weight is made up of minerals and they play an essential role in almost all process and reactions both in the skin and the rest of the body.

Nature-Min contains the following minerals: Calcium, phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iodine, Molybdenum, Selenium and Vanadium. These minerals are essential for skin development and function, forming essential components of enzymes in the skin. They absorb and filter UVA and UVB rays, reducing the number of sun rays that penetrate the skin. This is important because the damage caused by stretch marks is usually worsened by overexposure to harmful sun rays. Minerals increase the antioxidant defense mechanisms in the skin. They also enhance the healing process in the skin by accelerating cell regeneration which is important for damaged skin.

The importance of minerals to the skin cannot be overemphasized. The main barrier faced by most people is consuming the right amount and quality of minerals in their everyday diet. Nature-Min provides you with the correct quality and quantity of minerals in the right ratios.

Treating from Outside

1) Aloe Moisturizing Lotion: Aloe Moisturizing Lotion has outstanding humectant and moisturizing properties, and it is loaded with aloe vera, collagen, and elastin, all crucial for a soft and elastic skin.
Aloe vera has a high penetration power, penetrating the skin layer 4x faster than water. It has the unique ability to transfer water deep into the skin tissue, making it a perfect hydrating and moisturizing agent. One of the most important properties of Aloe Moisturizing Lotion is that it stimulates cell division and accelerates tissue regeneration. This is very important because the skin cells damaged by stretching and injury (stretch marks and scars) can be quickly replaced. Like you know by now, cells of the epidermis renew every 28 days give or take. Aloe vera in Aloe Moisturizing Lotion through a direct effect on cell division factors, accelerates granulation of the skin tissue, hence causing faster regeneration of cells. Aloe also activates and enhances the function of fibroblasts, which are collagen-producing cells. A skin rich in collagen and elastin is much more elastic and less prone to damage from rapid expansion and stretching.

Other benefits of Aloe Moisturizing Lotion include: regulating the pH levels of the skin; inhibits the multiplication of bacteria, viruses and fungi; acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and astringent; and dilates blood vessels to improve circulation.

2) R3 Factor: R3 = RETAIN, RESTORE & RENEW

The R3 factor is packed with a rich combination of aloe vera gel, soluble collagen, and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA), fortified with vitamins A and E. All these are vital to help the skin retain its natural moisture, restore its resilience and renew its appearance.

AHA also was known as fruit acids is one of the most important components of R3 Factor. These fruit acids act as exfoliants that loosen the dead damaged cells on the skin's surface (as in the cases of stretch marks and scars) by dissolving the glue-like substances that bind dead skin cells together.Getting rid of these dead cells that usually create a barrier to moisturizing creams means fresher and newer skin cells are exposed.The soluble collagen and elastin improve the texture and elasticity of the skin as explained above.Vitamin A helps in the maintenance of healthy skin while Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant which fights against aging and damage from both external and internal factors.

For those with lighter sun-sensitive skin, R3 Factor should be used as a 4-week treatment, preferably during spring and/or autumn to avoid intense sunlight.

For those with darker non-sensitive skin, R3 Factor can be used all year round.

R3 Factor should be used both in the morning and at night. Because it takes the skin 28 days to renew itself (an even longer as we get older), allow a similar amount of time to realize the full benefits of R3 Factor.

3) Forever Alpha-E Factor: This is one of the best skin-replenishing agents out there. It is a light emollient fluid containing aloe vera gel, vitamins A, C and E (which are all powerful antioxidants), borage oil and bisabolol. This antioxidant fluid is designed to combat free radical damage which is the cause of 80% of skin damage.

Forever Alpha-E Factor gives the skin a younger-looking appearance by moisturizing the skin from within to deliver a perfect smoothness.Vitamin E protects the cell membranes of the skin cells from damage by free radicals.Vitamin A enhances the elasticity of the skin, reducing its susceptibility to damage by stretching.Vitamin C also enhances elasticity and goes a step further to prevent the formation of scar tissue.Lecithin in Forever Alpha-E Factor improves the suppleness of the skin, a benefit highly appreciated by aging skin. Finally, Borage seed oil restores skin moisture, hence normalizing and balancing dry skin while Bisabolol is essential for soothing sensitive skin.
All these components work in synergy to repair damaged skin that is a typical characteristic of stretch marks and scars.
All the products listed above will help you reduce the physical appearance of stretch marks and scars, reducing the cosmetic damage on your skin.

Do not be one of those who sit back and complain all the time. Stand up and take action, do something about your stretch marks and scars if it is a nuisance to you. Don't let these cosmetic nuisances dictate your life, don't let them be the reason why you not 100% confident when it comes to your physical appearance. I call on you to take action, click the link below to discover what these products can do for YOU

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