6 Recommended Forever Living Products for Fibroids

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Forever Living Products for Fibroids

Fibroid is not a new disease, but it is a development that is bringing tears into the lives of many women.

Dr. Fadeyi described fibroid as a non-cancerous tissue that is found in the womb of women. "It is a mass which creates a lot of problems for women in terms of fertility, menstrual problems, and frequent abdominal pains."

Causes of Fibroid

The cause of Fibroid tumors remains unknown. But it is believed that the presence of the female hormone estrogen is to blame. It can be traced to the type of lifestyle that we now live, which can not be compared with the natural lifestyle of the people of old. The food we are eating now is grown with fertilizers, pesticides, GMOs and the processes under which we breed animals for consumption are believed to activate estrogen levels.

Surgery is usually recommended either Myomectomy ( removal of fibroid) or Hysterectomy (the uterus is removed. Surgery is suggested for a patient who is bleeding uncontrollably or has a big fibroid mass.

However, in most fibroid cases, natural health supplements will not only manage the ailment, and provide a permanent cure.

Recommended Forever Living Products for Fibroid:

1) Aloe Berry Necta - Aloe, cranberry and apple pectin drink, a detox and nutritional powerhouse and helps in dissolving the fibroids & taking care of the internal organs.
2) Bee propolis tablets, an antibiotic, a foundation supplement that takes care of the fibroid & helps restore & check re-growth.
3) Garlic Thyme, antifungal, antiviral and antibiotic. Full of antioxidants.
4) Pomesteen Power a health drink, aloe vera, mangosteen, blueberries & pemogranets.
5) Absorbent C - Full of vitamin C.
If you are short of blood (fibroid feed on blood and oxygen), u will need:-
6) B12 with folic Acid - Very good for the women who are trying to get pregnant.

The Fibroid should dissolve within 2 months of continuous use of the products. You can go and have a scan taken after a month, 2 or 3.

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