Let's cook BEEF PILAU step by step. You can reduce the quantities of the ingredients according to your pocket.



5 kg[Boiled] beef.
4 jugs rice.
¹/₄ kg [mashed/crushed] garlic.
4 pieces[mashed/crushed] ginger.
2 mugs oil.
300g pilau masala.
3 pkts Pilau whole.
salt to taste.
¹/₂ kg onion.

In a cooking pot heat the oil and add the onions, garlic and ginger and brown them. Add the meat which is already boiled and brown them as well. Once you're done that, add pilau whole and pilau masala and stir well to combine, stir continuously to avoid sticking, once everything is now brown add water, it's better to use the same water you had used for boiling the beef. The ratio of water should always be 1:2--i.e 1 cup of rice you put 2 cups of water, then bring to boil. Add the rice and let it cook, when the water has dried, cover the cooking pot with the aluminum foil and reduce the fire. NOTE; Many people think that for the pilau to come out brown you need to add soy sauce, it's a BIG NO! The browning of the spices and the ingredients does the magic. Finally, you can make your pilau sauce. 
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