Breakfast Quinoa Muffins Recipe (gluten-and-dairy-free)

Breakfast Quinoa muffins
Quinoa muffins. Great for busy moms! morning muffin and warm drink to go.

Quinoa muffins recipe


↪1 ¹/₂ cup of grounded quinoa
↪¹/₂ cup of gluten free all purpose flour
↪1 tsp baking powder
↪Pinch of salt
↪¹/₂ tsp cinnamon
↪¹/₄ tsp pumpkin spice
↪2 eggs
↪¹/₂ cup of brown sugar
↪¹/₂ can of pumpkin purée
↪¹/₂ cup oil
↪³/₄ cup almond milk
↪Tsp. vanilla extract/1 pack vanilla sugar.


The first thing I did was ground the quinoa. I put it in my bullet and waited until it was fine and powdery. Poured it into a bowl with the remaining dry ingredients. Set aside.

In a mixer, I started beating the eggs with sugar until fluffy. Then added everything else BUT the almond milk.

Then I slowly alternated between the flour mix and milk (into the mixer) you might not need the full ³/₄ of almond milk. Mix well. (Texture should be a bit more than cake mix).

Pour into sprayed muffin cups and you could add: crushed pecans, almonds, walnuts or leave plain.
*also, I felt that they weren't as sweet as I would liked, so I poked a few holes in a couple and added some maple syrup
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