Chapati Rolls Recipe

chapati rolls
Are you stuck for ideas for healthy lunch box recipes or wondering what to pack for lunch every day? Well, I have given few delicious and practical lunch box ideas for work (office), the school that is nutritious, healthy and also easy to prepare. Today we will see how to make chapati rolls.

Chapati Rolls Recipes


➧1 big green bell pepper (capsicum).
➧2 tomatoes.
➧1 cup lettuce.
➧1 onion.
➧50g grated cheddar cheese.
➧1 cup of natural yogurt.
➧2 (skinned & boiled) pieces of chicken breast (shredded).
➧4 Cooked chapatis.
➧Salt and black pepper to taste.
➧(Optional) ½ Marjoram (herb).
➧1 Tbsp. olive oil


⏩Dice green bell pepper (capsicum), tomatoes and onion. Roughly cut lettuce into small bite-sized pieces. Grate cheese. Shred boiled chicken with a fork.
⏩Pour olive oil into a non-stick pan, add shredded chicken, and (Optional) ½ Marjoram (herb). Toss lightly
⏩Add 1 cup natural yogurt into chicken and season with salt and black pepper. Remove from heat.
⏩Lay Chapatti on a plate.
⏩Spread with chicken, green bell pepper (capsicum), tomatoes, onion, lettuce, and grated cheese.
⏩Roll chapati and Enjoy!
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