Eat More Frequently To Burn Fat.

Burn Fats

Eating Small & Frequent Meals Will Help You Look Younger & Toned.  Also It Will Help To Prevent/Control Diseases Like Diabetes, Cholesterol, Hypothyroidism.

Calories are fuel to the body to function efficiently. We burn calories in workouts, exercise, sleep, rest, angry, smile & also during digestion of food.

1 Piece of Cake = 300 kcal

Vegetables + Pulse + Cereal = 300 kcal. Which one you will choose??

Cake will burn fewer calories to digest, it will not give you satiety, will get absorbed in the stomach faster & make you feel hungry within a short span of time.

Whereas veggies, cereal & pulses will take longer time to digest, requires more no. of calories to burn, keeps you full for longer time, gives you satiety, doesn't spike your glucose levels & keeps you energetic for longer duration by avoiding craving & overeating.

Such foods are known as THERMOGENIC FOODS, as they take longer time to digest & needs more no. of calories to burn.

People who eat less never look attractive & charming because eating less calories& eating wrong food to satisfy tongue, can only drain your energy, water & muscle mass . You may lose WEIGHT but not FAT. It further deactivates your metabolism & eventually Digestion leading to high fat % & high risk of poor health due to severe deficiencies & aggravates hormonal imbalance after losing weight.

SOURCE: Rekha Champaneria: Dietitian &Diabetic Educator
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