If you’re wondering how to make pancakes from scratch but you want something a little different, these are great savory alternatives that are packed with fruit.


125g Plain Flour 
300ml Milk
1 Egg 
Oil (to fry) 
100g Frozen Summer Fruits per pancake 
Strawberry Sauce (to drizzle) 
Icing Sugar (to dust)


Sieve the Flour into a mixing bowl then pour in the Milk and break in the Egg.
Mix the ingredients together using a whisk until you’re left with a smooth batter. Then pour into a jug.
Place a good quality non-stick pan over medium heat on the stove. Heat some Oil in the pan.
When hot, make each pancake separately by covering the surface of the pan with a thin layer of batter. Flip to cook evenly on both sides.
Heat the Summer Fruits in the microwave then pour into the middle of each pancake.
Roll the pancake up, drizzle over Strawberry Sauce and sprinkle with Icing Sugar. Enjoy!
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