Everything we breath, ingest or absorb through the skin gets into the blood stream & eventually passes through the LIVER. So healthy liver is critical to your overall health, proper metabolism & hormonal functions.

Once the estrogen (female hormone) have done its job, sent to the liver so it can be broken down & removed through colon, but if liver is not healthy, then hormones are not metabolized properly & can be reabsorbed back into the body.

Some facts about ESTROGEN:

1) By improving estrogen metabolism, you can begin to fix imbalanced hormones. The brain is a critical site of estrogen action in both man & women, regulating both energy expenditure & appetite.
2) Men require a small amount of estrogen for optimal reproductive health because estrogen keeps sperm cells from dying.
3) Estrogen increases insulin sensitivity & is protective against diabetes. It is also growth promoting & can help women to maintain muscle mass.
4) For women having the right amount of estrogen actually improves fat loss because it decreases fat storage in the cells & can support appetite.
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