Child having pancakes syrup for breakfast

Kick start your day with a nutritious breakfast. It will help you to perform better at work & give you the energy you need to get through the morning.

Growing bodies & developing brains need regular, healthy meals.

Try to give a child breakfast that includes protein, fat & carbohydrates to keep children feeling full & able to focus till lunch. Protein choices are an egg, some nuts, a slice of cheese, sprouts, a bowl of curd or a glass of milk.

A hungry child can lose concentration in class, have no energy for playtime & tend to snack on unhealthy food.

A calm & healthy breakfast every day is the best defense against this happening. It also helps the children to get into good habits that they can carry through life.

Breakfast is the fuel that gets you going so you can hit the road. You need to provide enough new energy for your body to get started & to keep you functioning until lunch.

When compared to those kids ate breakfast, the kids who did not,.. became less efficient as the day went on. Their productivity improved after eating lunch, but by the end of the day, their work completion was slower than those who had eaten breakfast.

Breakfast helps improve mental performance & concentration during morning activities. Kids who skip breakfast will be more sluggish, less attentive, & have less energy to carry out their morning task.

Breakfast eaters are active in their work, show extra energy in physical & mental tasks. Breakfast has a positive effect on alertness, attention, performance on standardized achievement tests & other skills important for academic success are enhanced for those who eat breakfast on daily basis.
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