How Chinese Mapping of the Person Works (SHIANG MIANG)

SHANG MIANG means face reading for health. Below are the details of how it's analyzed.
Chinese Mapping of the Person Works (SHIANG MIANG)

The portion of the forehead represents the digestive system. Acne on the forehead indicate problems with digestion or bad rejection of toxins from the body. Include fresh fruits, vegetables & herbs. No caffeine, tea, any ready to eat foods, Fatty foods. Keep yourself hydrated. If you have red or dry skin on the forehead, it is an indicator of dehydration of your body.

This is the area of the liver. Red Spots, pimples or sharp wrinkles that part of the face indicates difficult detoxification of the liver. Avoid fatty & fried foods, Fatty dairy products & alcohol & sugar. Folding between eyebrows indicates low-functioning lymph, weakened immune system. Reddened eyebrows indicate an overactive nervous system, lack of sleep.

Top nose shows lungs, heart & root regulations problems of the stomach. Mostly the problem indicates indigestion & sometimes low levels of Hydrochloric Acid, which is a part of the liver liquid. This diagnosis can be checked with the Doctor & certainly necessary to change the diet. If the nose is very red & capillaries are more pronounced it is a sign that overly heated liquids to your body, so reduce coffee, tea, alcohol. Red nose is connected to heart issues & bladder inflammation or back pain. Black moles between nose & lips indicates high levels of acid & toxins in the body.

They represent the Digestive System. White Or very pale lips can indicate low levels of Iron or Poor Circulation. Dry skin or wrinkles on lips cause an insufficient intake of water. Wounds on the corner of the lips are a sign of low vitamin B or Iron. Redness, warmth or Bleeding Gums are a sign of Increased liver acids or foods with high fat & sugar. If a woman is experiencing fertility issues, fibroids or hormonal fluctuations, she will notice changes in the middle of her upper lips. Dark lips indicate a low function of spleen & kidneys.

They represent the respiratory & cardiovascular system. Pimples on the cheeks are often the result of a diet that is rich in fat. Pale cheeks may be a sign of low Iron & too red cheeks, however, indicate poor circulation & consuming too many spicy foods, alcohol, coffee. You need to change the diet accordingly. Red cheeks indicate active Liver.

Eyes are the windows of the Liver. Dark or puffy eyes can indicate water retention. Pale or bright suggest fatigue or exhaustion. Black is associated with low blood & Yellow problems with liver or bile. For the appearance of small spots or freckles under the eyes is due to overburden. Try to establish a balanced rhythm. To ease the mentioned difficulties, it is necessary to help the kidneys to ease water retention. Drink water, include water-based fruits & vegetables. Reduce salt, alcohol, Caffeine, ready to eat packets. Dark skin around eyes indicates deteriorating kidney functions, a likelihood of kidney stones. A series of white spots near the outer rim can indicate a chronic congestion of the lymphatic system. You should avoid lactose products.

This part indicates changes in the kidneys & the digestive system. Redness on the chin can be a sign of entering the highly processed foods, sugar & fats. But it may indicate the malfunction of the kidneys that occur from very heavy labor or stress. Consume foods rich in magnesium & dietary supplements that contain magnesium. Dry skin or inflammation on the chin indicates the problem with digestive system & bowels.

Regions between the CHIN & EAR has depressed scars, pox marks or other anomalies indicates poorly functioning intestine.

Oestrogen is a friend to our skin, suppressing sebaceous activity. But when levels reduce as women get older, skin lacks luster & you may experience acne cysts deep in the dermis & commonly found on the jawline & hairline. Include apricots, sweet potato & mangoes as they contain Vitamin A, to normalize the production & life cycle of skin cells.

This shows the liver is under pressure, This could be for physical, environmental reasons.
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