A dirty colon represents a sick body. If you don't clean your colon, you will never get well!
The intestines can store a large amount of waste in the form of partially digested, purifying matter. When we don’t eliminate this waste at least once but preferably 2 or 3 times a day, toxins from the feces are REABSORBED back into the bloodstream. This leads to damaging effects on the skin as well as the entire body.

As waste sits in the colon, substances can become stuck or lodged in the lining of the intestinal tract in the form of old fecal matter and mucus. It can turn into a substance called “Mucoid Plaque”. It consists of food residue and mucosa (a lubricate, gel-like secrete produced by the glands in the alimentary tract). It builds up slowly over years without showing any signs of serious problems. Many of us have excess mucus stuck in our bowel and do not know it. Once this plaque is created, it is not routinely eliminated. It actually stay stuck to the intestinal wall for years. To make things worse, old feces can adhere to the plaque and may not be removed during elimination. This plaque can slow down bowel action and slowing waste elimination which, causes more toxins to be reabsorbed back into your system. This creates even more free radicals, inflammation, and inhibits nutrients from absorption. It can also harbor pathogens such as bacteria and parasites and block the release of lymph and mucus.

The clean 9 detox will not only REMOVE TOXINS FROM YOUR BODY but it will also IMPROVE digestion and elimination, prevent chronic diseases, enhance immune system function, improve quality of life, increase energy, improve skin quality, mental/emotional clarity and slow down the aging process. Suggested time for this cleanse is 9 days. You will be able to eat on this cleanse, but you will be restricted to certain foods.

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