How to improve your health easily

Health involves more than physical well-being. It is a state of body, mind, and spirit that must be viewed within the context of community, society, and environment. Being healthy means more than not being sick; it means taking steps to prevent illness and to lead a richer, more balanced, and more satisfying life.

Be healthy

Here are nine simple changes to improve your health:

  1. Do a good deed: Caring is healthy. It involves participating in and contributing to your community, living in harmony with fellow human beings, developing positive interdependent relationships with others, and practicing healthy sexual behaviors. Caring for others is a wonderful way to care for your own soul and connect with others.
  2. Get enough sleep: A good night’s rest provides the energy you need to make it through the following day. Read more about Tips on healthy sleep and What you can do to sleep better
  3. Take regular stress breaks: A few quiet minutes spent stretching, looking out the window, or simply letting yourself unwind are good for body and soul. See Tips on dealing with stress.
  4. Eat healthily: Eat an extra fruit or vegetable every day. Adding more fruit and vegetables to your diet can improve your digestion and lower your risk of several cancers. Read more on health benefits of vegetables and fruits.
  5. Drink enough water: Eight glasses a day are what you need to replenish lost fluids, prevent constipation, and keep your digestive system working efficiently. See 9 benefits of drinking warm water in the morning
  6. Get physical: Just a little exercise will do some good. A regular workout schedule will be good for your heart, lungs, muscles, bones—even your mood. See how to get physically active
  7. Manage your weight: If you are overweight, you may not think a pound will make a difference, but it’s a step in the right direction. See the best way to lose weight
  8. Drive safely, always use seat belts and follow traffic rules: In the last decade seat belts have saved more than 40,000 lives and prevented millions of injuries. Read Tips for a comfortable and healthy journey
  9. Examine your body regularly and visit your doctor often: If you’re a woman, examine your breasts regularly. Get in the habit of performing a breast self-examination every month after your period (when breasts are least swollen or tender). If you’re a man, examine your testicles regularly. These simple self-exams can spot the early signs of cancer when they’re most likely to be cured. See health-care that is recommended for women and preventive health-care measures.
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