How to make Carrot Cake: Step by step

Carrot Cake

Over the years my father has made this cake for my birthday countless times, even driving hours to deliver it. Today we made it together. The lightest and most enticingly moist carrot cake you will ever come across - just find a good hiding place for it!

Carrot Cake Recipe

It was my 1st homemade carrot cake & it turned out perfect.

Check the photo for all the ingredients.
➔300 g sugar.
➔260 g Flour.
➔340 g grated carrots.
➔4 Eggs.
➔250 ml oil.
Carrot Cake Ingredients
The rest of the ingredients are on the rest of the photo description.

Method of preparation

NOTE: The description and the photos are in the same order.

Finely grate the carrot, it should come to about 340g. Set aside.
Grated carrots
In a bowl add the 2 cups(260gm)flour, 1.5 tsp cinnamon powder, 1.5 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp baking soda, 0.5 tsp salt. Give a quick mix and set aside.
Carrot Cake Recipe
Break 4 eggs into a bowl.
Eggs in a bowl
Whisk rapidly.
Whisking eggs
Whisk for 1-2 minutes, or until nice and foamy.
Whisked eggs
Gradually add 300g sugar while whisking. 
Sugar in the whisked eggs
Keep whisking until thick
Carrot Cake Recipe
By now it should be pale in color and thick.
Carrot Cake Recipe Add 250ml oil gradually while whisking.
Carrot Cake Recipe It should look like this when oil is added. See below photo
Carrot Cake Recipe
Add the flour mixture.
Carrot Cake Recipe Fold in the flour.
Carrot Cake Recipe Fully mixed in. You will have a thick batter.
Carrot Cake Recipe Add the grated carrots(remember to grate using the fine side of a grater).
Carrot Cake Recipe  Give a good mix.
Carrot Cake Recipe Pour the batter into the lined baking tray.
Carrot Cake Recipe Into the preheated oven (180ºC/350ºF) for about 30 minutes. Baking time is determined by the size of baking tin that you have.
Carrot Cake Recipe The cake is ready when its nice and brown, and a knife inserted into the cake comes out dry. Allow cooling on a cake rack.
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