How to make creamy ice-cream with just one ingredient

Healthy, vegan-friendly one ingredient banana ice cream ♡
Healthy, vegan-friendly one ingredient banana ice cream
♡ Ingredient: - Bananas

The amount of bananas naturally depends on the size of the portion you are looking to make. This recipe features 7-8 bananas, which roughly translates to 3 relatively big portions

♡ What to do: Peel bananas and cut them into smaller pieces. This makes them freeze faster, and also makes blending them more manageable. Once the bananas are frozen solid, divide into smaller portions and blend until consistency changes from being crumbly to being mushy, and then lastly becoming fluffy and light. This may take some time, so patience is advised! To jazz up the ice cream, add flavors such as peanut butter, Nutella, jam, honey, chocolate chips etc. - you decide ♡ After blending and flavor-adding, freeze the banana ice cream for approx. 1 hour before serving.

♡ Enjoy! ♡
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