How to prepare meat stew

Meat stew
Boil the meat and reserve broth.
Once dry, add onions and spare some for sautéing aside to add at the end.
Now to the meat, add garlic ginger paste and stir. Add turmeric, fresh rosemary, coriander, white pepper, sage, and thyme again mix well once sticky pour some of that broth you did set aside earlier.
Mix well now add a tablespoon of tomato paste and a teaspoon of sugar one tomato and again stir well keep adding that broth little by little once sticky.
Now add half a cup of the broth and let it simmer.
Dry up add coriander and spring onions.
Add chili for those who love chili.
The onions you set aside sauté them till they brown a bit add some spring onions.
Serve with hot ugali. 
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