How to recognize attention disorder

Recognizing ADHD can be the first step in getting help for a person with this disorder, who may have no idea that this is a treatable condition. The characteristic symptoms of ADHD in adults are:
  • Feeling of restlessness, fidgeting, squirming: difficulty waiting.
  • Extreme destructibility, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, irritation when stuck in traffic.
  • Disorganization, inability to finish tasks, switching from task to task haphazardly; inability to remain still or engage in a focused activity such as reading.
  • Difficulty in solving problems or managing time.
  • Hot temper, explosive outbursts, constant irritation; low tolerance of stress, easily overwhelmed by ordinary hassles; frequent mood swings.
  • Impulsiveness, making decisions with little reflection or information, abruptly beginning and ending the relationship, recklessness.
  • Clumsiness, poor body image, poor sense of direction.
  • Immaturity.
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